Slowly 3.0.12 APK Download

Slowly is an application that seeks to recover that tradition of sending letters instead of the common instant messages of other applications such as WhatsApp or the email itself linked to philately.

The biggest differences from any other digital messaging medium are the lack of immediacy, taking a day to get the letter to your destination, thus recreating the delay of traditional mail briefly, along with the stamps that will be added to the letter .

Slowly 3.0.12 APK Download

The stamps can be obtained by visiting different countries, thus completing the collection forcing the user to live experiences in real life, traveling abroad, expanding a collection that can then be used in messages to other users.

Slowly is a different way of meeting people, keeping the suggestions according to the tastes and interests, in addition to the filters provided by the new technologies, linked in a practical way to a medium that forces the user to have an extended conversation over time, with longer texts and more elaborate answers.