Smart Letter Board 1.1 APK Download

Smart Letter Board is an application designed for those users who have difficulties to communicate with the voice and even having to use gestures or eye movements.

This application adapts a widely used method to a tactile medium that will be useful for people who have mobility in their hands and who also suggests words to make it easier for them to use longer messages in less time.

Smart Letter Board 1.1 APK Download

The traditional method, the intelligent alphabetical board using cardboards, although effective is slow, with this method it is tried to bring a greater comfort and a faster creation of the message. The application is configurable so that the user decides which gestures or movements to use. In tactile form, the keyboard will be divided into 6 buttons with 6 characters each. To select a specific letter you have to press the button of your group and, to choose the specific one, if it is, for example, the third letter the third button will be pressed.

Smart Letter Board is a very useful and easy to control option, allowing you to store phrases and words.