Soccer Stars Download Apk Free For Android 3.6.0

Many of us spend long hours in our childhood playing soccer with the plates. The cutest we had plates to which, at most, you painted something with a marker to differentiate them. The most dedicated and skillful turned their plates into carefully-designed soccer teams.

Well, if you have spent your afternoons with this solitary hobby or with your friends now you can relive these moments with Soccer Stars, the game developed by Miniclip that recovers this children’s entertainment to adapt it to Android smartphones and tablets.

Soccer and Veneers For Android

This is the mobile version of the game of cards that will allow you to face online players from all over the world. With a very simple and simple mechanics, you will simply have to throw your chips against the ball to try to put it in the goal of your opponent. Just one finger (although you can use both) to prepare the shot, aim and kick.

How can you hack Soccer Superstars?

The fun of this game is to fight duel to hair. That is, without tricks, hacks or help of any kind other than your own ability to know where to move your chips. Now, if you do not trust it, you can always opt for an SB Game Hacker or similar app, which allows you to alter game values to gain advantages.

And as for a PC version, you can always download your APK to run the file in an emulator or opt for any of the versions that are in web mode. Anyway it is a very comfortable and easy game to play on touch devices.