Social Media Vault 1.0 APK Download

Social Media Vault is a very useful application for all those users who are connected to a large number of social networks and believe that they waste a lot of time independently accessing all the official tools. Social Media Vault brings together in one application social tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Yahoo! Answers, Google Plus, Reddit, Tumblr Dropbox, Skype, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Meetup, Tagged, Hi5, Digg, MySpace, Delicious, MeetMe, Dailymotion, Amazon, eBay, Blogger, Flickr and Stumbleupon.

From Social Media Vault you can directly access any of your social networks without having to exit or close this app, that is, by entering your user data you will have access to all the content of the social network you are entering. Thus, thanks to the large number of profiles that you can open, you will have control over all the news that occurs in both your most active profiles and those that are left behind.

Social Media Vault 1.0 APK Download

This tool has a great advantage, in addition to the ability to access any social network, and is that you can protect from the hands of third parties all your personal information with a numerical pin, an alphabetic key or a line pattern. For this you only have to establish your security code and insert it every time you want to open the application. Thanks to this option, even if you have all your profiles open, nobody will be able to enter any of them without permission.

On the other hand, Social Media Vault has a ‘panic button’ by which you will know if someone has tried to open the tool in your absence. All this security added make this app a very good option to keep up with everything happening around us in the most comfortable and reliable way. Its interface is specially designed to be able to browse profiles in a simple way; with shake the screen you will switch to the next option in the list.