SongPop Free 1.26.27 APK Download

SongPop Free is a musical trivia game in which we can compete against friends or strangers from around the world, in duels to see who knows more about music.

The operation of the game is very simple: we choose a rival (that we can search through our Facebook or email), we choose a musical era and start the game. Then, in turn, we will have to listen to a series of music fragments and choosing the answer that we create more accurate. The player who gets the most correct answers in the shortest possible time will be the winner.

SongPop Free 1.26.27 APK Download

The great advantage of the game is that as with Draw Something, each player can make his move when he can. That is, it is an asynchronous multiplayer with which we can have lots of simultaneous games with lots of different friends.

SongPop Free is a very fun social and musical game, thanks to which we can show our friends who knows more about music in the barely five minutes of a game. Of course, five minutes will be very fun.