Sonic Dash 3.7.5.Go APK Download For Android

Sonic Dash is a platform game starring Sonic, which uses a mechanic very similar to the classic ‘Temple Run’, to offer a fast experience in which we will have to have very good reflexes if we really go far.

The game counts with all the traditional elements of the franchise ‘Sonic: The Hedgehog’, as the scenarios, that will be familiar to all the fans of the saga; the enhancers, which will provide us with different skills; and the characters, among whom we will find Tails or Knuckles.

Sonic Dash 3.7.5.Go APK Download For Android

Thanks to the online leaderboards, Sonic Dash offers the possibility to challenge our friends through the Internet. All we have to do is play the same way as always, set our own record, and send it to our friends to try to overcome. If they do, they will beat us; if they do not, we will have won.

Graphically Sonic Dash is a spectacular game, not only has a very colorful aesthetic of the franchise, but also with models of exquisite characters and scenarios full of details. In addition, in powerful terminals it moves with a lot of fluidity.

Sonic Dash is a platform game different from what Sonic has accustomed us, but equally good. One of the best in the ‘endless runner’ genre.