Sonic Forces 1.5.2 APK Download

Sonic Forces is a racing game and online platforms, starring Sonic and all his friends. Its mechanics are very similar to the classic ‘Sonic Dash’, offering a game experience almost identical to this one, but competing against other players through the Internet.

In Sonic Forces we will find all the traditional elements of the franchise ‘Sonic: The Hedgehog’, as the scenarios, which will be familiar to all fans of the saga; the ‘power ups’, which will provide us with different skills; and the characters, among which we will find Tails or Knuckles.

Sonic Forces 1.5.2 APK Download

During races we can use all kinds of ‘power ups’ to try to slow down our opponents. We can throw fireballs or put traps, but we also have to be very attentive to the scenarios, as we need to avoid dozens of obstacles and take advantage of all the turbos that we see.

Graphically Sonic Forces is a spectacular game, which not only has the colorful aesthetic of the franchise, but also models of exquisite characters and scenarios full of details. In addition, in powerful terminals it moves with a devilish fluidity and speed.

Sonic Forces is a hilarious combination of races and platforms, offering a different gaming experience than Sonic has us used to, but equally satisfying. An essential title for fans of the saga … and in general for anyone who is looking for a good game.