Sonic Jump 2.0.3 IOS Download

Sonic Jump is a platform game quite different from what we are used to in the blue hedgehog franchise. On this occasion, instead of having to move at full speed in a horizontal direction (from left to right), we will have to climb vertically, from bottom to top.

The mechanics, then, is very similar to that of titles like Doodle Jump or similar. That is to say, that we will have to be impelled in the different elements that we find in our way and collecting all the rings that we can, with the objective of reaching the top as fast as possible with the largest number of rings.

Sonic Jump 2.0.3 IOS Download

Sonic Jump employs a very particular cell shading aesthetic that gives the game an excellent visual aspect. In addition, thanks to its great color and how fluid it is, the game is an authentic delight for the senses. To this we must add, if it was not enough, the excellent soundtrack.

Sonic Jump is a fun platform game, which thanks to its two different game modes and its 48 levels of story mode, will keep us entertained for many hours. In addition, the clashes against final bosses will be a real challenge.