SoundCloud 5.33.0 IOS Download

SoundCloud is an application that will allow us to record any sound with our iPhone, to share it in a matter of seconds through any social network such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Foursquare.

The best of the application, however, with the possibilities of SoundCloud itself as a social network, since it will allow us to access and listen to the rest of the user’s recordings, and evaluate them by leaving ratings or comments.

SoundCloud 5.33.0 IOS Download

All this music we will listen directly to streaming, so we need a good Internet connection through 3G or WiFi to access it. As it is not always possible to access the Internet, the application will allow us to record a sound at any time and upload it to our account later.

SoundCloud is a very interesting application that will not only allow you to record a song fragment at a specific moment to remember later, but it will also serve as a recorder for reminders and hundreds of other things.