Stocard 6.0.1 APK Download

When the discounts and loyalty cards of the stores we are customers accumulate, controlling them all becomes almost impossible. Stocard is a tool that will allow us to manage each of them without having to physically carry them in the portfolio, directly from the terminal screen.

To create our card holder, we will only have to look in the list for the store with the discount or cards and enter our personal number. Stocard will allow us to insert it manually or by scanning the bar code or image that has the card integrated, which will help us to enter directly the data of each one. If we do not find a specific trade, we can perform a more specific search based on the name or country in which it is located.

Stocard 6.0.1 APK Download

Once we have registered our entire portfolio, we can directly access them by clicking on the logos of the establishments. In this way, and when we go to buy, we only have to show our device with the corresponding card to get your discount or accumulate the points that you give away.

On the other hand, Stocard has a tab called ‘offers’ from which we can take a look at all promotional discounts that occur in any of the places that we have cards. It is a good way to keep us informed of all the advantages that the big brands carry out for their clients and not to waste the discounts that they may have given us.