Stradivarius 3.0 APK Download

One of the most famous chain stores of the Inditex brand, after Zara, is Stradivarius. It has an Android application with which we can access an extensive catalog of news and other articles of the brand.

The tool has a section of well differentiated categories in two parts. In the first section, everything related to Stradivarius items, such as clothes, shoes, campaigns and novelties, is framed, while the second section is intended for the client to access in a comfortable and simple way all the information related to the company. In this part we find tabs to contact customer service, locate the physical stores or the purchase guide.

Stradivarius 3.0 APK Download

On the other hand, once we start navigating through the wide clothing catalog, we can add as many clothes as we want to the cart, with the possibility of choosing the size and color of each one. If we wish, we can reserve the clothes in our nearest store and pick them up at any time.

Once the purchase is finished, we will only have to pay with the card and all without having to leave home. If we have any doubts while we make the purchase we can extend the drop-down menu that is inserted in each pledge tab, from which we can know a little more about the product we are going to acquire.