Stremio iPhone 2.27.4 Download Free

Stremio iPhone 2.27.4 Download Free

If you’re fond of watching streaming series and movies, whether on your computer, directly on your smart TV, or on any of your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile devices, you’ve probably already had to face one of the big Most current first world problems: do I get Netflix or HBO? Or do I throw the house out the window and contract the two services?

For a while to this part there is a solution that will possibly satisfy you even more: Stremio. It is an application with which you will be able to see practically any film of the offered ones in the services of streaming previously mentioned, besides releases that are still in the cinema, your favorite TV series like The Young Pope, Game of Thrones, Narcos or The Walking Dead, and all integrated with YouTube so you can enjoy your favorite channels.

Stremio iPhone 2.27.4 Download Free

A mediacenter for your iPhone.

What more could you ask for? A native application for iPhone and iPad to enjoy all this content on your iOS mobile devices? Well, he’s here. Three months after the launch of its corresponding APK for Android smartphones and tablets, its developers have decided to publish the official app for phones and tablets of the bite apple to join its wide range of desktop clients for Windows, MacOS and Linux. The family is complete.

How does Stremio work for iPhone?

If you have used this multimedia application (which in a way you will remember Kodi) on any other platform, you will have no problem understanding how it works. All the contents are distributed in three panels or tabs, although we can also make use of the typical search engine represented by a magnifying glass icon.

  • Board: it is our user panel where the application will recommend new movies and series according to what we have seen in the past and from where we can continue watching the episodes and feature films we have left half.
  • Discover: is the most traditional panel where we can discover new content divided into movies, series and YouTube channels, which we can organize by gender, valuation or simply see what is trend at that time.
  • Library: Basically our favorites panel to which we will add any content that we want to follow to find out about any news about them, such as chapter or episode publication of our favorite series.

Clicking on the cover of each content, we will have access to its technical data and a brief synopsis, besides being able to see the official trailer on YouTube before deciding to reproduce it. Are the films in Spanish? Unfortunately not. All content is in English (although we can change the interface menus to our language), but that always comes in handy to improve our knowledge of Shakespeare’s language.

Access to the content itself works through the use of add-ons. There are paid officials like Netflix or HBO, but if we are something more pirates we can opt for unofficial extensions to enjoy our favorite TV shows without paying a hard. Oh, and you do not have to consume the contents on the small screen of your iPhone, since the application is compatible with Chromecast mirroring devices.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires iOS 9.2 or later.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.