Super Mario Run iPhone 2.0.1 Download Free

Super Mario Run iPhone 2.0.1 Download Free So far, one of the world’s most popular platform video games, Super Mario Bros., was only available for consoles of the Japanese brand Nintendo, developer of the entire series of titles starring the famous Italian-American plumber.Super Mario, available in NES, SNES, GameCube, Wii, DS, Game Boy … and now iPhone.But it has just landed on another platform, specifically on iPhone and iPad, becoming the first game of Super Mario for mobile and the first mobile game of Nintendo, if we consider that Pok√©mon GO is developed entirely by Niantic and that Miitomo is rather A communication tool. We talk, of course, of Super Mario Run.

Super Mario Run iPhone 2.0.1 Download Free

What is this Mario for iOS?

With the word Run in the title of the game we know what to expect. This title promises to be a frantic, endless runner-style game in which we will have to go forward collecting coins, making us mushrooms to grow, beating turtle enemies, sticking between green pipes to reach other worlds and, of course , Fighting final bosses in the purest Bowser style to rescue Princess Peach.

All the action of Mario games, now on your mobile.

And all this, with one hand, as it is fully adapted to mobile devices and touch screens. You will only need to touch the screen of your smartphone or tablet to execute different jumps and maneuvers, saving the different obstacles of the game. But the thing does not stay that way, because in principle we will have three different game modes (endless, multiplayer and free) so that the fun is not only guaranteed but multiplied by three

How and where to download it?

Since it was presented last September during the Apple Keynote with Tim Cook and Shigeru Miyamoto on the stage of the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, it was known that it would be published before the end of the year, so it was speculated that we would have access to the Game sometime in December. And so, on December 15, 2016 was released version 1.0 of this free download game, but whose first six worlds cost 9.99 euros.

The best Christmas gift possible.

The game is downloadable through iTunes, the official store of applications for iPhone and iPad, where more than 20 million people reserved the game to be notified of its launch as soon as it takes place. The download is done in exactly the same way as any other iOS app: Access the store with your device and hit the Get button.

Can I play Super Mario Run for Android?

Yes, the androids have nothing to worry about. The launch of this game is not an exclusive of Apple and at some point will be able to download the APK from Super Mario Run to their Android smartphones and tablets. Of course, they will have to wait a bit longer than iPhone users, because Nintendo is not expected to publish the application on Google Play until well into 2017. Of course, the wait is worth it.