Supermoji 1.0 APK Download

Supermoji is one of the pioneers in offering animated emojis similar to those created by Apple for their iPhone on Android devices. This free application allows you to control half a dozen animojis and animate them with our own facial gestures.

 Supermoji 1.0 APK Download

The application uses six familiar faces: a panda, the poop, a cat, an alien, a dog and a hen. Through the front camera of our terminal will be detected our movements and gestures, being replicated in real time by the animoji and allowing to save photos and videos of the process.

We can later export videos of up to 20 seconds, which will also capture the audio picked up by the terminal’s internal microphone. We can also add funds of various kinds and some additional effects superimposed on the 3D side.

Supermoji is an application that works surprisingly well when trying to replicate with some dignity in Android the success of animojis that can be used in iOS.