Survival-Quest ZARYA-1 STATION 1.0.1226 APK Download

Survival-Quest ZARYA-1 STATION is a conversational adventure set in the year 2021. A group of four brave astronauts has come to a distress signal issued from the face of the moon. Our goal as an astronaut coordinator will be to help you in your research … a much more dangerous task than you would originally expect.

The game system of Survival-Quest ZARYA-1 STATION is the usual one of the conversational adventures: the history will go advancing as we talk with the astronauts, so that in some moments we will be able to make decisions or give answers that will alter the course of the game .

Survival-Quest ZARYA-1 STATION 1.0.1226 APK Download

The setting of Survival-Quest ZARYA-1 STATION drinks directly from films such as Alien, Prometheus or Life; and of video games like Dead Space or Lifeline. Thanks to the way in which the development of the adventure is planned, in addition, the game manages to convey an incredible sense of immersion.

Survival-Quest ZARYA-1 STATION is an excellent conversational adventure that tells an exciting story in an engaging way. And all accompanied by some images and illustrations of great quality.