Swarm 5.8 APK Download

Swarm is an application developed by Foursquare, which will allow us to meet our friends in a comfortable and simple way. Thanks to her we can know which friends are close and, more importantly, if they can or want to stay.

The most interesting feature of Swarm is that it will allow us to quickly indicate what plan we are carrying out (go eat at a restaurant, go out to a bar, go to a disco …), so that any friend can see it and join if you want

Swarm 5.8 APK Download

Although in Swarm’s own interface we can write comments and communicate with other users, it will also allow us to share our states quickly through Twitter or other social networks.

Other possibilities of Swarm include the publication of photos. In a similar way to Foursquare, we can check in at one place and attach a photograph to ‘testify’ that we have been there.

Swarm is an interesting social application, thanks to which we can easily meet our friends. Of course, you have to have many friends so that Swarm is really useful.