Sweet Selfie – Candy New Name 2.73.672 APK Download

Candy Selfie is a photography application with which we can give an aesthetic face wash to all our photographs. For this purpose we will find a huge amount of tools, filters and frames. And of course, using them will be very simple.

The most interesting tools included in Candy Selfie are those that allow us to directly edit the features of a face. The application includes lots of filters, but the most striking are the tools that will allow us to whiten the teeth, increase the size of the eyes, or stylize the face. Basically, in a few seconds we can get an aesthetic surgery operation.

Sweet Selfie - Candy New Name 2.73.672 APK Download

In addition to all these basic tools, in Candy Selfie we will find all kinds of ‘stickers’ to decorate the photographs, as well as different frames. In fact, we can even create ‘collages’ from several photographs.

Candy Selfie is a great photo editing application that offers quantity and quality in its features, and has a nice and accessible interface. A very interesting alternative to the great image editing apps.