Taggle Download Free Android App

Taggle Download Free Android App

Traditional photo albums are no longer taken. What to bring to reveal photos, put them in a book and show them to your daughter’s boyfriend has its grace and charm. But also their cons: they occupy a lot, you have to scratch your pocket and you can not always carry the album on top.

But what do we always carry on, rain, snow, make a sun of a thousand demons or are we dying? Our mobile phone. So the simplest thing is to keep our photos also in it so we can see them whenever we want or, for what is more used, to grill our colleagues with our cats or the family with the grandchildren. The problem emerges when we have so many photos on our mobile device that we spend more time looking for the one we want than teaching it. Do not worry, Taggle to the rescue.

Taggle Download Free Android App

You can catalog tags and find photos in three seconds with just one touch!

This app is a gallery that allows us to tag photos with hashtags, following the same operation as Twitter, so you just select from the tags that you have created yourself (or those that have chosen the tool automatically with the name of your folders) To find what you are looking for. Tag multiple photos at once or one at a time, and with all the hashtags you want.

Do you have a photo that is not suitable for all eyes? Protect it with a key. In addition, just touching a photo can delete it (sliding the finger to the left) or share it through social networks (right). Each time you have new images, you will see a little red circle next to the app icon to let you know you have new files to tag. The detailed temporal classification of photographs is also quite cool, and very useful.

Beware of Privacy

Despite all the advantages that Taggle offers us, it does not stop pestering you to ask permission to manage our phone calls and even text messages. The creators of the application ensure that there are no privacy issues, but it does not hurt to go on notice.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires Android 4.1 or higher.