Tales of Link 3.7.2 APK Download

Tales of Link is a role-playing game of the ‘Tales Of’ franchise, exclusive for touch devices (Android and iOS), in which players can control some of the most popular characters of the mythical Namco franchise.

The confrontations in Tales of Link are fast and dynamic. Players can control a group of up to nine characters, each with their own special abilities. Depending on the abilities of each character, in fact, we can carry out some types of attacks or others.

Tales of Link 3.7.2 APK Download

To make an attack we will only have to draw lines between our characters, trying to include as many characters as possible. The more characters we manage to select, the more powerful our attack will be. Of course, if instead of an attack it is a healing spell, we will heal much more.

Tales of Link is a game with a simple and fun combat system, which is mainly aimed at fans of the saga. We will even find different types of costumes with which to dress our favorite characters.