My Tamagotchi Forever APK Download

My Tamagotchi Forever is an official videogame of the mythical Tamagotchis, which has been perfectly adapted to mobile devices. As we had to do with the original toys, our goal will be to take care, pamper and offer all the necessary care to our little creature.

To properly care for our little Tamagotchi we will have to feed him, play with him, bathe him and put him in bed to sleep. But nothing is easy as it seems to be. For example, we will have dozens of different foods to offer our little one, but not all will always be to your liking. In the same way, we can participate in several different mini-games, in which it will be necessary to test our skills.

My Tamagotchi Forever APK Download

In addition to being able to do all these actions, in My Tamagotchi Forever we can also customize our little creature. Not only can we evolve our Tamagotchi, but we can also buy many different garments and other accessories.

As we level up our Tamagotchis and get coins, we can also unlock new facilities: a port, a playground, a fountain, and many more. And of course, in each new location we can carry out different activities.

My Tamagotchi Forever is a very fun game, which following the same line as other similar titles for Android, such as Pou or My Talking Tom, will allow players to take care of their virtual pet and try to meet all their needs on time.