Tango Messenger Tango APK Download

Tango Messenger is an instant messaging application, which offers many more features than a simple instant messaging application: voice messages, video calls, video games, social entertainment …

The main feature of Tango Messenger, of course, is text messaging. We can send free text messages to all our friends, receive their responses in our personalized chat windows, and of course create conversation groups in which to exchange messages with several users simultaneously.

In addition to this, Tango Messenger will give us the possibility to make video calls to our contacts and friends, and even to send them voice messages. Also, of course, we can send you photographs and other types of files.

Tango Messenger  Tango APK Download

Like LINE or KakaoTalk, Tango Messenger includes a section of video games from which we can challenge our friends to games in different titles. These games, yes, will have to download them independently (although they are free).

Finally, Tango Messenger allows us to update a kind of Facebook wall from which we can share moods, photographs and much more. In addition, we can find people close to our position, to try to find new friends.

Tango Messenger is an excellent alternative in the field of instant messaging, which offers more features than direct competitors, such as the all-powerful WhatsAap.