Tap Green‬‏ Betting Game 1.5 APK Download

Tap Green Betting Game is a simple but incredibly fun game in which you must press the keys following the sequence to complete the melody. Do you think you will be able to get it? Then download the app and check it out!

The game mechanism of Tap Green Betting Game is very simple. In each game you will find a keyboard formed by rows of four keys. In each row there will be a series of highlighted keys, which you will have to press. When you do it correctly you can move on to the next row. The succession of the keys of each row will end up forming a melody.

Tap Green‬‏ Betting Game 1.5 APK Download

In Tap Green Betting Game you will find four different game modes. In the first one you simply have to worry about pressing the keys correctly and complete the melody in the shortest possible time. In the second you will participate in a race against the clock, so you should try to finish the song before time runs out.

In the third game mode, however, you must press the keys at the rate at which they advance. In the fourth, finally, you must dodge the bombs that you will find camouflaged among the rest of the keys. Get to work and complete all the melodies!


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