Telegram Messenger Download IOS Free For iPhone 4.4

Many remember with dramatic agony the moment that Saturday of February 2014 fell WhatsApp and left us all without instant messaging service and chat for a few hours. How? Call by telephone? Communicate in a human way? Society is short of collapsing and throwing itself into the streets to loot shops, pay it with street furniture and finish with established power.

Luckily, the smart guys discovered that there was an alternative to the well-known American chat app and came from the US geo-strategic rival: Russia. Yes, friends, Telegram Messenger was uncovered at that time as a solid and reliable alternative and also offered the user certain advantages that WhatsApp lacked.

What is Telegram?

As we have already said, an instant messaging and chat app developed by the Durov brothers, the owners of the Russian social network VKontakte. It is offered as a free app and without advertising to talk to your contacts via a message like the rest of applications of this type: the aforementioned Wasap, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype, Kik Messenger, LINE …

Now, why did you start gaining fans fast from your beta? Basically because it offered a similar user interface (although with other colors) to that of the great rival to beat (sobriety in design and simplicity in its handling) but mainly because it had functions aimed at safeguarding user privacy and confidentiality in their communications.

It should also be noted that unlike some of its competitors has evolved faster: has been introduced, updated after update, improvements and changes that have marked the way forward for other applications in the same category. In other words, it has been at the forefront of the trend. Although, and that is true, when it comes to video calls and voice messages have lagged behind. We do not know whether by philosophy or capacity, but it still does not incorporate the possibility of introducing video in communications, and the one of sending voice messages has been available a long time after that in others.

Which is better? Telegram or WhatsApp?

Possibly offer more guarantees the Russian but it is in the US where there are more users and where you will find all your contacts, that is so. Now, it is probably the most reliable and solid alternative that you can download for free so that you are already logged in to your system. No doubt one of the instant messaging … and not because I say this review.