Telegram X APK Download

Telegram X is an official (yes, official) alternative to the traditional Telegram customer, which offers a faster and smoother browsing experience than the regular customer. The reason? This new version is based on the set of TDLib libraries, which will serve to lay the foundations of the future of Telegram.

At first glance the differences between Telegram and Telegram X are practically imperceptible. Telegram X basically offers a cleaner view of the chats and adds a new tab, the calls tab, to the main interface. In the configuration options, in addition, we will find many more customization possibilities for our interface (such as night mode or the use of bubbles).

Telegram X APK Download

As far as benefits are concerned, ‘X’ will allow us to do exactly the same as the traditional Telegram customer … and some other things. That is, we can send text messages, voice messages, photographs, videos, large files, documents, links, gifs, emojis, etc.

Telegram X is an excellent alternative to the usual Telegram customer, which is already great. It is because it offers better performance and a greater range of benefits. The future of Telegram goes through here. And it is very promising.