Temple Run 2 1.52 IOS Download

Temple Run 2 is the continuation of one of the most successful endless runners in history (its first part has been downloaded more than 170 million times), which remains faithful to the proposal of the original, offering a very similar mechanics to the that some interesting developments have been added to it.

Among the novelties that we will find in Temple Run 2, we highlight the presence of new obstacles and power-ups, which will make us have to be even more attentive to everything that happens around us. In addition, we can now activate the bonuses at the time we choose, adding an additional strategic component to the mix.

Temple Run 2 1.52 IOS Download

Another interesting novelty of Temple Run 2 is that now each character of the many we can choose has its own abilities, so we can specialize in each of them.

At the graphic level the game has also improved considerably. Better character models, nicer scenarios and larger textures are just some of the elements that we will notice at a glance.

Temple Run 2 is a very fun game, in which we can spend hours and hours jumping, sliding and dodging all the obstacles with which our intrepid hero finds himself in his desperate flight.