Threes! Download IOS Free For iPhone 1.3

One of the new sensations regarding games for iPhone is referred to as Threes !. The goal in it is to try to concatenate multiples of the number three to sum the numbers in columns and rows. With a very simple approach, it allows us to play as much as we want, since it has no end.

Music and graphics contribute to your success

The graphics that make it much easier to read the figures as well as the sound effects, contribute to generate the perfect game climate in Threes !. This, against what many might think, has become a successful game despite being a puzzle game based on mathematical calculations. But is not Sudoku also?

No more than thirty seconds you need to fall in love.

Endorsed by the critics of various specialized media, the game is able to hook you up with no more than thirty seconds of play. So, why do not you park an instant Candy Crush Saga or Apalabrados and start a numerical epic with Threes! for iPhone?