TickTick 4.1.5 APK Download

TickTick is an agenda application, thanks to which we can comfortably organize all our daily tasks. Thanks to its elegant and comfortable interface, we can take control of all the tasks of our day to day: appointments, meetings, commitments, jobs, etcetera.

Aiming anything at TickTick is easy and convenient. It is also to assign a specific date to any of our tasks is very simple, or put a reminder so we do not forget. Once we have completed a task, we will only have to mark it.

TickTick 4.1.5 APK Download

In the configuration options of TickTick we can customize the appearance of the interface. By default we will see the blue theme, but we can choose among many other different colors. Other options will allow us to even protect the application using a blocking pattern.

TickTick is a good app to record our pending tasks. Its main strengths: a simple and elegant interface, and a good amount of customization options.