Tiendeo 4.9.6 APK Download

Tiendeo is an application that offers all the information we need about stores like Mediamarkt, Carrefour, Lidl, Leroy Merlin, Ikea and many more: all current offers, catalogs and brochures, and even the position of your nearest stores.

From the application of Tiendeo we can take a look at all the current catalogs of the stores that they find around us, being able to see what items are on offer at those times. In addition, we can access the phone numbers and schedules of each of the stores.

Tiendeo 4.9.6 APK Download

Another interesting benefit of Tiendeo is that it will allow us to select which are our favorite stores, so that when there is news in any of them, we will send a notice to the mobile phone indicating what is being discussed.

It is important to keep in mind that Tiendeo does not allow us to buy from the mobile phone. The application is an ideal complement to go shopping (physical), but not a substitute. If we want to buy from the Android terminal we have other more interesting alternatives like Amazon or Aliexpress.

Tiendeo is an interesting tool for any user who usually goes shopping, since it will allow you not to miss a single offer of your favorite establishments. And I emphasize: it is interesting for those who go shopping, not for those who buy from home.