Todait 0.21.10 APK Download

Todait is an application mainly aimed at students, which will allow us to plan the study time in a comfortable and fast way. Users of the app can quickly add any task, to which they can associate all kinds of additional information: time to dedicate, topics to study, pages to read, and so on.

Todait 0.21.10 APK Download

In addition to adding tasks to our calendar, we can also add a specific schedule. In this way, when the time comes to carry out a task, the application will sound an alarm. Thanks to this function we will not have an excuse if we leave some of the tasks without completing.

In Todait we will also find a tool that will allow us to keep track of our activity. Thanks to this, we can know if we are more or less performance in the last days, if we are completing all our tasks, if we need more study, et cetera.

Todait is a very interesting application for students, which can also come well to freelancers and other workers. Thanks to her we can organize the study and work time in a comfortable way. The interface is also beautiful and elegant.