Toilet Training 9.21.0001 IOS Download

If your children are beginning to understand their basic needs and leaving behind the diapers little by little Toilet Training is an application with which you can help them get them to go to the bathroom themselves without the need of an adult. This app, developed by BabyBus, is especially designed for parents who want to educate their children in a pleasant and pleasant way for them and for the little ones.

The game is so simple that your children will quickly understand what you want to explain; Through two small protagonists, a boy or a girl, you will perform a series of actions aimed at making children see that if they drink too much then they will want to pee and once that happens they should go to the bathroom alone. In this part of the game, your son and you will have to help the little ones to get there, to pull the chain, to use the toilet paper and to wash their hands afterwards. Thanks to all the indications the youngest will understand the action-by-action process and will know what to do the next time they feel like urinating.

Toilet Training 9.21.0001 IOS Download

On the other hand, Toilet Training includes another series of secondary minigames that will provide younger children with the security they sometimes lack when going to the bathroom alone, as they would find the light off. This way, your children will know that even if the room is dark, they will only have to look for the light switch. Thanks to the colorful interface, it will be easier for you to instill basic tasks in your development, such as starting to do this kind of thing without help.

Let your children become older alone through pedagogical applications such as Toilet Training, the tool that will allow you to give them the final push in their step of leaving diapers while they learn that they do not leave the bathroom light on, nor open the taps or the lid from the toilet upwards; all through fun protagonists. With only a few minutes a day you can remind them of the steps they have to take to make their needs unassisted.