Toon Blast 2594 APK Download

Toon Blast is a very simple puzzle game, in which our objective is to break blocks of colors inside a board full of colored blocks. The more we manage to break with the least possible number of movements, the better score we will get.

The mechanics of Toon Blast is practically identical to that of Toy Blast, developed by the same studio. That is, we only have to play groups of two or more blocks of the same color to make them disappear, bearing in mind that if there are more than five blocks together, we can create special objects such as rockets or bombs. The objective of each level, of course, will be to destroy a certain number of blocks of several concrete colors.

Toon Blast 2594 APK Download

In total in Toon Blast we will find more than a hundred levels, in which we will have to meet different objectives. Most levels will require us to destroy a certain number of blocks, but we will also find levels where we will have to face each other with unique obstacles. And all this while we meet the friendly protagonists of this adventure.

Toon Blast is a casual, simple and fun puzzle game that also has a nice graphic section. A title for all audiences, which has the potential to keep us glued to the screen for hours and hours.