TouchRetouch Download Free APk For Android 4.1.2

Photo editors for Android are counted by hundreds, but possibly there are very few as specific as TouchRetouch. The purpose of this application is not to correct skin imperfections for your selfies to come out perfect or adjust the brightness or saturation of the photo. The main idea behind this APK is to be able to eliminate from our snapshots all those elements that we do not want to appear.

“The ultimate eliminator of objects”.

Such is the success and efficiency of this software of ADVA that also exists a version for PC Windows and another online in format Web, although unfortunately, as it happens in the case of the mobile edition, it is impossible to download the program for free, not even this one New version 4.1.2. Of course, we can always resort to Aptoide to see if we have any luck.

How to use TouchRetouch?

Many users wonder how this Android app works to be so precise and efficient in removing objects and what needs to be done to use it without removing from the photos other elements that we do want to remain in them. It is as simple as selecting the object in question with our finger and the technology of this application is already in charge of detecting the contour of the same and eliminate it in the most natural way.

“There is no easier way to delete photo objects on Android”.

You can with almost any unwanted entity: from poles and telephony cables to traffic signs, passing through that trash bin that has glamur left to your photo or the typical character type that has made you a full-fledged photobomb. With a single touch of screen you can remove it from there without any effort.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.