TrainStation 2 1.0.0 APK Download

TrainStation 2 is a management game in which players will have to lead a real railway empire. We can collect dozens of different locomotives from different periods of history: from classic locomotives to the latest high-speed trains.

The game system of TrainStation 2 is simple: we will have to send trains to fulfill different missions. When fulfilling missions we will receive experience, which will allow us to level up. And the more level we have, the more simultaneous trains we can manage and the more effective our routes will be.

TrainStation 2 1.0.0   APK Download

Unlike the original TrainStation, which presents a very simple graphic section in two dimensions, this second installment of the series presents a beautiful three-dimensional world with low poly aesthetics. This is especially interesting if we consider that we will spend a lot of time simply watching how our trains complete routes.

TrainStation 2 is a beautiful railway management game, which has a simple but addictive mechanics. At the end of the day, we can enjoy one of the great classics of miniature models, anywhere, anytime, and from the palm of our hand.