Triller 5.1.1 APK Download

Triller is a video editing application, thanks to which we can create spectacular video clips in a few seconds. The only thing we will need is our Android terminal, since it is the app itself that will offer us a catalog with hundreds of thousands of songs of all genres.

The procedure to create a video is very simple. First of all we will have to choose a song. For this we can use the search box, in which we can search by artist, by album or directly by song. In addition, we can also import a song that we have in the memory of our device.

Triller 5.1.1 APK Download

Once the song is chosen, we will have to select 15 seconds of it, which will be the 15 seconds that our video will last. After that, it’s time to start recording: we can use the front or rear camera in an indistinct way, and of course use the zoom function to get fun effects.

If we only record a video, that will be the final video clip. Now, if we record several shots, Triller will be in charge of making a spectacular montage with all our shots, offering a videoclip with a much more professional finish. In addition, we can add different image filters. Triller is an outstanding video editing and creation application that offers very fun results. Its interface, in addition, is simple and elegant, so that in just under five minutes we can have created our great masterpiece.