Trivia Crack 2.94.1 IOS Download

Trivia Crack is a trivial online game developed by Etermax, the creators of the great Apalabrados, which uses a mechanics practically identical to that of the widely known Trivia.

The mechanics of the game is very simple: players will have to answer questions in turn and send their answers over the Internet, with the aim of getting more hits than their rivals. Of course, this time, in addition to normal games we will have individual duels in which we can challenge any friend.

Trivia Crack 2.94.1 IOS Download

The game has more than 90,000 different questions divided into 6 categories. In addition, we will have 4 different types of ‘power ups’ to help us in the most difficult situations, although of course it is not good to abuse them, as they will not allow us to really demonstrate our knowledge.

One of the strengths of Trivia Crack with respect to titles of the competition is its great visual style, cheerful and fun, with very colorful characters that will bring us the odd smile.

Trivia Crack is a very fun multiplayer trivia game, with enough questions for us to take many, many games to see some repeated.