Tumblr APK Download

Tumblr is one of the most important social networks of blogging in the world, and of course has its own official application for Android terminals. From it we can see all the entries of the blogs that we follow, and of course make our own publications with photographs, videos, text, and so on.

In addition to uploading all kinds of files from the Tumblr application, users can also take pictures from the application interface, and upload them directly. Thanks to this feature, we can upload any photo to our blog in a matter of seconds.

Tumblr APK Download

The main interface of Tumblr is as simple and intuitive as that of its desktop version. The first thing we will see will be the cascade of entries belonging to the different blogs that we follow. There, normally, we can instantly see all the images, gifs and videos that interest us. In addition, we will only have to press a label to search for it and filter it.

As is logical, from the Tumblr application we can also consult all our private messages and answer them. When we respond to a private message we can choose if we want to publish it on our blog, or not.

The official application of Tumblr has been improving a lot over time, and although at the beginning it had some shortcomings, in its latest versions it has proven to be everything a regular user of this social network needs. We can even manage several different blogs from the same application.