Tumblr 12.3 IOS Download

Tumblr, the most popular blogging social network of the moment, has its own official iPhone application, which will allow you to carry out lots of actions from your iOS terminal.

Among the possibilities included in the App, in addition to uploading text, images, video or music, we will find the one to take a photograph directly from the tumblr interface and upload it automatically to our blog.

Tumblr 12.3 IOS Download

In addition, the application will automatically find which people in our phone book have a tumblr account, can easily add them to the people we follow … or not, if we are not interested in their blogs, of course.

As usual, we can also write and respond to private messages from the interface of the application, or even see the ‘likes’ we have done at any time.

Tumblr is an application with some shortcomings, but that will allow followers of this social network to be connected to it twenty-four hours. Of course it is not perfect, since sometimes it is quite unstable, but it will allow us to manage our tumblr with comfort.