Tunnel Rush 1.10 APK Download

Tunnel Rush is an arcade in which players will have to try to move at full speed through a tunnel full of obstacles. The slightest miscalculation and our race will be over. We will need very good reflections if we want to get out of the tunnel, something possible but quite difficult.

The control system of Tunnel Rush is simple: press the left part of the screen to move to the left and press the right part to move to the right. In this way we will have to try to avoid all obstacles in the tunnel. And they are not few. We will come across dozens of blocks blocking our path.

Tunnel Rush 1.10 APK Download

The game is divided into several levels, which we will unlock as we overcome the previous ones. As usual, each level is more difficult than the previous one, with more dangerous and unpredictable obstacles that will test our reflexes.

Tunnel Rush is a frantic and fun game, which has a great graphic section and a perfect mechanics for touch devices. A very addictive title that knows how to take advantage of the Android terminals.