Tusky Download Apk Free For Android 1.1.4

If you do not know what Mastodon is, you’re not fashionable. It is a social network that in design and concept is very similar to Twitter but that has certain peculiarities that make it different.

The most obvious is its design, which resembles the Twitter client TweetDeck and not so much that of the social network of the bird, as well as we find that we can send direct messages to users privately. However, what most draws the attention to the user is to be able to write publications of 500 characters instead of the 140 to which we limit the twitter.

But well, this at a glance, because behind it there is a different philosophy: Mastodon is presented as an open source and decentralized social network. This is that users connect to it through different servers, making it difficult for a single company to monopolize all communication between them. At the same time he says he does not track his activity.

Unofficial Customer For Mastodon

Well, while this social network grows in users (and we’ll see how long the hype) have developed Android customers with which to connect without having to do with the inconvenience that doing so from a web page is usually on smartphones and tablets. We talk about Tusky, a client developed also in open source and with which we can interact in this new platform of communication.

So if you have already decided to make the jump to Mastodon here you have the Android client. Just download the APK for free and start shopping.