TV 3L PC Download Apk Free For Android

The world of communication grows day by day by leaps and bounds, offering us new ways of accessing information such as texts, videos, music, etc. Within the audiovisual communication, we have today IPTV, well known to some and still unknown to many. This technology allows us to access thousands of TV channels via the Internet, simply by knowing their IP address, which facilitates access to public and private channels (for a fee).

The program here allows us to view any channel by entering the URL corresponding to the channel lists, which can be found by searching the network. These URLs contain a file with .m3u extension, whose content links directly to the IPs of the channels in question, and also has the option of directly entering the IP of a particular channel for display.

By default, TV 3L PC contains its own playlist, and after activating the program from Android with a code that is facilitated by accessing the program options and pressing About (301), have a wide range of entertainment to our disposition. On the other hand, and as we said in previous lines, we can always choose to search any URL with m3u format or TV 3L PC and enter it into the application, expanding the spectrum of channels.

How does TV 3L PC work?

The interface is very simple, showing directly the list of available channels, a magnifying glass for searching within the lists and a small bar of options where to enter the addresses, access support, contact the creators or see information about the program. Practical, simple and useful from the outset, which is grateful to other types of programs of this type, more cumbersome in their forms (some).

TV 3L PC is free, which will introduce us from time to time some advertising, not very annoying by what we have been able to appreciate, at least for now.