Twitch App 5.7.1 APK Download

Twitch App is the (new) official application of the service of the same name, which allows us to broadcast our own video streams playing video games, watch the ‘streaming’ of other users, interact with them, talk with other players, and Definitely do everything we could from the browser itself.

From this application we can see other users playing our favorite video games, while chatting with other users who are in the same channel as us.

Twitch App 5.7.1 APK Download

In addition, this version of Twitch App will give monetization possibilities for all users who create ‘streams’. In this way, we can get money while playing a video game, as long as other users are willing to see us while we play.

The application works perfectly both through 3G and through WiFi. In addition, it includes the possibility of changing the quality of the video, so that it does not consume so much data in case that we are transmitting through 3G.

Twitch App is a very useful application for regular users of this online service, which can now always be carried over in the most comfortable way. It is important to keep in mind that ESTA is the new Twitch application, and that the previous one (version 3.2.3) has stopped receiving official support.