UC Browser IOS Download

UC Browser is an alternative to the many browsers that we can find in iOS, which offers a simple interface but with all the necessary features to enjoy a satisfactory navigation.

Among the most significant features of the browser are the control by gestures to move to use different functions of the application making gestures on the screen, the possibility of quickly changing from one tab to another, or the one that will allow us to search for anything through voice commands .

UC Browser IOS Download

In addition to this, UC Browser offers a night mode so we can surf the Internet without light, but without our eyes suffer in the process, something very common when we want to look for something at night and we are already in bed. The special complement of Facebook, on the other hand, will also allow us to move around the popular social network in a fast and fluid way.

Another interesting browsing mode of UC Browser is the incognito. Thanks to this mode of navigation, very similar to the incognito window of Chrome, we can navigate without leaving any trace.