UEFA Champions League 1.43 APK Download

UEFA Champions League is the official application of the competition of the same name, which will allow us to have all the information on both the competition and the teams involved. That is, we can consult the results of all the matches of the group stage, until we see the statistics of each of the players who have participated.

When starting to use the application we can choose which is our preferred team, being able to choose even a second favorite team. In this way, whenever there is news related to our team (or teams), we will receive notifications instantly.

UEFA Champions League 1.43 APK Download

The design of the application is simple and elegant, so that consulting any information is easy and intuitive. We can see all the statistics of each game, with possession data, shots on goal, outside of the game, corner kicks, everything. In the same way, we will be able to consult the data of each one of the players, being able to see how much distance Cristiano Ronaldo has run or how many successful passes Messi has given.

UEFA Champions League is an excellent official application, worthy of the best club competition in the world. An indispensable app for football lovers.