Unified Remote 3.11.0 APK Download

Unified Remote is an application that will allow us to control a computer from the mobile phone through a WiFi or Bluetooth network, as long as it has installed the Unified Remote server program (also available for download from Uptodown).

From Unified Remote we can carry out different actions. The most interesting will give us the possibility to use the screen of our Android terminal as if it were the computer mouse. At any time, in addition, we can display the keyboard to write or use any keyboard shortcut.

 Unified Remote 3.11.0  APK Download

Another interesting feature of Unified Remote will allow us to manage the hard drive directly. We can go to any directory, rename folders, copy and move files, and so on.

As with the desktop version of Unified Remote, configuring the application is a real children’s game. In fact, it is more appropriate to say that you do not need any configuration: just open the application and go.

Unified Remote is an excellent remote control application, thanks to which we can control our PC from the mobile phone in the simplest way possible.