Viber Download IOS Free For iPhone 7.7.1

The offer in terms of chat applications and instant messaging is huge. What seems to be essential in every smartphone is WhatsApp, which with its more than one billion users seems fixed in every device. To a lesser extent, it is accompanied by Facebook Messenger and then the rest, applications that are downloaded and installed as a complement to the first one: LINE, Telegram, Kik …

Messaging App With VoIP Features

Among them we find Viber, an app that although offers the possibility of sending text messages to chat account, with features that approach more as a possible alternative to Skype, since its strong point is the possibility of making phone calls and calls from video free.

This app, which has versions for PC, Mac and Android in addition to iOS, offers the possibility to telephone contacts who also use it without having to pay anything as well as sending them short voice and video messages (the latter can have a duration of up to 30 seconds). It is true that Skype offers the possibility to call any phone, whether mobile or fixed, but anyway Viber is a great option if you want to save on your phone calls.

We can see that it offers functions oriented to the privacy of the user, ranging from the encryption of the communications to avoid that anyone who picks the iPhone can snoop on what does not concern him. And besides, beyond what it refers to, it offers an option that can also be enjoyed in LINE and is the one of the games within the app.