Wall Kickers 1.1 APK Download

Wall Kickers is an arcade platform in two dimensions in which our goal will be to climb as high as we can, while jumping between two walls. The problem is that we will have to see our faces with walls with spikes, moving walls, electrical walls and many other obstacles.

The control system of Wall Kickers is very simple: with a touch we will make our character jump towards and with another touch we will make him jump again this time in the opposite direction. The longer we leave the screen pressed, the longer the jump will be. In this way we will have to try to ascend as much as we can.

Wall Kickers 1.1 APK Download

As we play, we can also earn coins. Every time we get a hundred coins we can unlock a new character, among which we will find old acquaintances of the Kumobius sagas (the developer of the game) and the odd tribute to other games more known.

Wall Kickers is an excellent platform arcade, with an original, fun and addictive game system; and a lovely pixelated graphic section. A perfect title for fast games, which always manages to offer a good challenge.