Wallapop 1.36.5 APK Download

Wallapop is an online purchase and sale application that, unlike other services such as eBay, will allow us to establish a relationship directly with other users, without the need for intermediaries to take part of the money.

The application will allow us to filter the products by category. In this way, if we are interested in fashion products, we can see only fashion products; and if we are looking only for video games, we can only watch video games.

Wallapop 1.36.5 APK Download

The prices of the products are marked by sellers in the advertisement itself, although they can leave the door open for negotiation. In fact, when dealing with sales within areas close to our position, in many cases changes are also allowed for other items that we have for sale.

Wallapop will indicate at all times the distance to which a potential sale is located. Thanks to this we will know if we could stay with the person with whom we are interested in doing business, or if on the contrary we will have to use postal mail.

Wallapop is a very interesting buying / selling service, since it will allow us to do business with other users without giving a single euro to intermediaries. The problem with this, of course, is that we can be more easily exposed to scams … but that is a problem that we must solve on our own.