War of Cards Download Apk Free For Android 1.11.0

One of the most mythic episodes for followers of Adventure Time is the War of Letters. In it Jake and Finn invoke and revive creatures that even come to ravage harvests. Well, in this application you will find the game that emulates the game of this chapter and allows you to play it.

The Board Game You Can Enjoy On Your Smartphone

In these card combos you will invoke different creatures and cast spells to win you. As a role playing card deck, you’ll fight with warriors such as the Cool Dog, Huskies, the Maize Walker, or the Pig. Your objective is to destroy the opponent’s troops.

Fights take place on a battlefield at a table, but where you have to place defense towers to protect you from your opponents and cast spells to attack them. You will get more powerful spells by mixing the cards to combine them.

Finn, Jake, Princess Chicle, Marcelina, Princess Flame … all the characters in the cartoons are at your disposal to try to achieve the title of Uncle Guay. If not, you know: to drink the Merluzo Zumito.