War Machines – Download APK For Android Tank Game 2.1.1

War Machines – Download APK For Android Tank Game 2.1.1 

Although there are ideas of the ancient Greeks who resemble in concept and even Leonardo da Vinci designs it is not until World War I when the tank is definitely siege in the war. Since then it has evolved significantly, being key in many of the armed conflicts that have happened since that time.

An Android tank game in 3 minutes
Neither is nor less this is what pretends to be War Machines – Game of tanks. Installing the APK on your Android smartphone or tablet will turn this device into little less than a stage worthy of the very battle of Kursk. In it you will fight between armored cars in multiplayer mode with a duration of 3 minutes: that is the time you have to kill as many enemies as you can.

  • Choose a country and defend its flag.
  • Libra fighting 3 minutes long.
  • Two modes of struggle: by teams or in conflicts as a field battle without cooperation between users.
  • It has legendary tanks: Panzer, Tiger, M1 Abrams …
  • Unlock new tanks and customize them to show your personality on the battlefield.
  • It traverses, conquers and dominates different scenarios: World War II, European cities, industrial zones no man’s land …

“You will become an expert in armored cavalry. Zhukov and von Manstein will be like some newcomers at your side”.

The game has two controls: one with which you direct the direction of displacement of the armored car; Another that you use to aim with the cannon and open fire against your enemies. This system greatly simplifies the game making you focus only on shooting and avoid reaching the enemy artillery.

And what you were waiting for: tricks for this game of tanks? Yes, they exist and they happen to install some APK mod to hack it and to be able to have infinite money or invulnerability for when they shoot us. But what happens is always an online multiplayer game: you will be banned from its servers if it is discovered that you cheat (which is what the tricks are).

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.3.
  • Offers integrated shopping.