This War of Mine Download IOS Free For iPhone 1.3.10

We are accustomed to seeing war games in which we take part as elite soldiers. Not so in This War of Mine, where we play as a civilian trying to survive in a ruined city. Lack of food and medicine as well as snipers will be our main enemies.

Do you know how to handle yourself and survive in a war-torn environment?

This iPhone game leads us to a rhythm of game marked by the cycle of day and night: by day we will have to look for life to keep out of sight of the sniper, while at night we will carry out missions to find food .

Main Features

This game, which you can find also in Spanish, consists of the following characteristics:

  • Game inspired by real facts.
  • Control the survivors and manage your shelter.
  • Make weapons, alcohol, beds and anything else you need.
  • Make difficult choices.
  • World generated randomly.
  • Aesthetic striking.